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Piyale pasta factory, is Turkey's first pasta factory. One of Turkey's first pasta exports gerçekleştirmiştir.izmir icon industri kırmızıplants birisidir.piy kırmızıcompanies Hasan Tahsin Piyale by 1922 in Izmir "Turkish pasta factory" with the name kurulmuştur.10 worker's work as a daily capacity at the factory 660 okka was. These facilities were made in Turkey's first pasta hand press. The products produced by the Turkish pasta factory brought Hasan Tahsin Bey awards at the Izmir Economic Congress held in 1923 and the September 9 Izmir exhibition. Hasan Tahsin Bey, who brought the first pasta molds from Italy to realize production after this period, increased the pasta types.

A new factory with a daily capacity of 2000 okka was built in İzmir Alsancak and started production with new pasta molds. In 1936, with the adoption of the surname law in 1934, Hasan Tahsin Bey became the first name of his grandfather Piyale . The brand was also named Piyale . The company, which started production in a small factory at first, was built in 1955 in Bayraklı, in the factory founded and managed by Nimet Boroz, Mustafa, Gogo A lisanAktolığı, Yılmaz Adıgüzel and Birhan Moner ”Maktaş Makarnacılık ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi ”. The new factory was established in 1945, after the Second World War, thanks to the loan obtained from the industry and development bank, provided that it set up a mill and factory.

Starting to produce products other than pasta since 1970. The company, which suffered a great blow in the economic crisis in 2001, changed hands and became a subsidiary of "GıdaSa". Since the region where the factory is located is included in the scope of the touristic area, the factory was closed in 2007 and the production was moved to the facilities in Hendek Sakarya. Sabancı group sold GıdaSa to Bim and Bahariye mensucat Mustafa Latip Topbaş in 2007. The company, whose name was changed as Marsan food, was purchased three years later by Yıldız Holding (Ülker) in 2010. You can call

Piyale Direct Attachment Contact Number in all matters and indicate your complaints and requests.

Piyale Direct Attachment Contact Number is affiliated to Ülker Number: 02125671567

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